August 24, 2013
Billions and Billions

I see billions and billions
no, not in dollars
but stars

If I could
I would spend
trillions and trillions
on all the people
of the world

All I’m seeing is
connections lately
I look out on the block
to see who they’re
arresting daily

I see a little boy
with the big shirt
barking like a dog
getting beat raw
in the name of the law

I see the impact craters
that we leave in the lawn
of a Pakistani farmer
trying to find peace
through Allah


Sorry about your
Sorry about your
We’ll call them
unidentified militants
if they’re over 21

I am them
we are one
the blood only has
one way to run


If I see billions and billions,
it’s not in dollars
it’s in stars

If I had trillions and trillions
I’d spend it on all the people
of the world



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July 23, 2013
If empathy knew no borders….

If empathy knew no borders….

July 22, 2013
Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell: Re-Think Your Limit on Adjunct Faculty in Virginia


Adjunct faculty are contingent professionals who teach on college and university campuses. “Contingent Professionals” refers to a whole class of high-skilled workers who are engaged for their expertise. We bear the workload of full-time faculty but do not have the full-time contract or salary of full-time professors. Adjuncts, however, are equally qualified for their work. Students typically are not aware of who among their teachers are adjunct vs. full-time faculty unless they ask.


In the Governor’s Manpower Control Program, the decision was made to reduce the number of hours adjunct faculty are allowed to teach. This rule cuts our hours and has resulted in 25% of adjunct faculty in the VCCS System having their income capped to less than $20,000 a year. This has also made it impossible for adjunct professionals to qualify for healthcare coverage as mandated by Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act now that their hours are less than 30 hours a week. This rule cuts our hours and has resulted in faculty losing their current healthcare they’ve been paying for out-of-pocket, as well as losing their homes, childcare, etc. due to inability to afford it.

You can sign this petition. If you live in Virginia, you can write to your state representative and let them know that you stand for fair and just treatment for adjuncts. You can also remind them that the impact on students attending higher education in Virginia will be impacted by larger class sizes, limited class offerings and the absence of adjunct faculty that will no longer be able to afford working as as an adjunct professor.

Success in getting our voices heard and making change happen may set precedent for fairer and equitable treatment of adjunct faculty in Virginia.

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July 19, 2013

July 17, 2013

How’s it feel
when you’re feeling sick
and all the Doctor wants to talk about
is the mother fucking bill

How’s it feel
when you’re feeling cold
when the heat’s cut off
you start wearing extra clothes

How’s it feel 
when you’re feeling sad
yeah, they shot your only son
and they shot him in the back

How’s it feel 
when you’re feeling hurt
It doesn’t matter how you feel
Work! Work! Work!

How’s it feel
when you’re feeling old
you’re fucking twenty four
you got a broken soul
Because you feel
what these others
only talk about in theory
They try to spit these numbers
but they’ll never illustrate me

I swear this shit
drives me fucking crazy
Robots in the sky
will one day want to replace me
With a mother fucking jerk
but one thing you can’t replace
is this single fucking word.


July 9, 2013

As the death machines fly over the beach I realize that the only thing beautiful left is inside me.

July 9, 2013

Dissolve the nation-states in a bath tub of acid. I don’t want to live in this world unless its classless.

July 2, 2013

More than ever, Lenin struck me as a happy man. Walking home from the Kremlin, I tried to think of any other man of his calibre who had had a similar joyous temperament. I could think of none. This little, bald-headed, wrinkled man, who tilts his chair this way and that, laughing over one thing or another, ready any minute to give serious advice to any who interrupt him to ask for it, advice so well reasoned that it is to his followers far more compelling than any command, every one of his wrinkles is a wrinkle of laughter, not of worry. I think the reason must be that he is the first great leader who utterly discounts the value of his own personality. He is quite without personal ambition. More than that, he believes, as a Marxist, in the movement of the masses which, with or without him, would still move. His whole faith is in the elemental forces that move people, his faith in himself is merely his belief that he justly estimates the direction of those forces. He does not believe that any man could make or stop the revolution which he thinks inevitable. If the Russian revolution fails, according to him, it fails only temporarily, and because of forces beyond any man’s control. He is consequently free with a freedom no other great man has ever had. It is not so much what he says that inspires confidence in him. It is this sensible freedom, this obvious detachment. With his philosophy he cannot for a moment believe that one man’s mistake might ruin all. He is, for himself at any rate, the exponent, not the cause, of the events that will be for ever linked with his name.

Arthur Ransome
Russia in 1919 
Notes Of Conversations With Lenin

July 2, 2013

The wind blew through the trees, and it was as if the heavy set leaves were clapping for me; celebrating my arrival, breathlessly awaiting my baptism in the lake. Like Oedipus, I became one with the earth. Like a Vietnamese folk hero, I drowned myself out of shame. The Lennon they never knew. The Lenin they never knew.

June 27, 2013

If life can be snatched from those who it was just handed to, why should I expect to live to get to the end of this sentence. 

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